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How Does Double Proxy Marriage Work?

How does the double proxy marriage work?

If you have been searching the internet for information about military double proxy marriage you probably feel a little skeptical.  Understood!  This is not a process most people have gone through or understand.

The first step is to contact us.  This can be done through our website form, "Request a Free Marriage Kit" or you can call either number listed on our site.  We will send you the appropriate and necessary forms to review with no obligation.  We realize you may still be in the research phase of this process.

If you decide military double proxy marriage is the answer for your circumstances, complete the paperwork and send it in.

It is understood that most parties will not be in the same house, city or even country when completing the documents.  it is acceptable for each party to fill out their own paperwork to send in.  We will create a file when we receive the first packet of paperwork and will email each of you to help guide you to the next step.

This may be the first time you have heard of military proxy marriage and the thought of paying online for something you can't see will sometimes give cause for hesitation.  Again, we understand and want you to be as comfortable with the military double proxy process as possible.  Payment can be made up front, or parties can wait until their paperwork has been received and reviewed before making payment.

Once payment has been received, the processing of documents is fairly rapid.  We guide you through each step by email and let you know when your documents are ready to be reviewed by our attorney.

When the marriage is complete, we send an email of congratulations.  Some parties don't want an unknown wedding date and we are able to accommodate those wishes as well.  In fact, once we receive your paperwork, you can request a specific date for your marriage.

We then return your original marriage license, which we have signed on your behalf, to the Flathead County Clerk of Court's office to obtain two certified copies.  We email a copy to you and then send our the hard copies Priority Mail.

It really is that simple!


Why Proxy Marriage?

"Why don't you just wait?"

"You are getting married online?"

"Is it even legal?"

"It doesn't seem very romantic."

These are common misconceptions of proxy marriage and unless someone has been through the process, it makes sense that there would be great misunderstanding.

While double proxy marriage certainly does not fulfill the dreams of a glamorous wedding day, it does help address some of the more practical needs of active military members.

Deployment can be unexpected and unpredictable.  Several of our customers had been in the midst of planning their wedding when the winds of change swept in and disrupted their dreams.

Double proxy marriage fills a need for couples who have been interrupted from their wedding plans.

Other customers have discovered they are expecting a new little one soon and soon-to-be-daddy receives orders that require him to be separated from his new family.

Double proxy marriage fills a need for new formed families that may need medical benefits while dad is deployed.

We've had customers who are both stationed overseas and while they long to become husband and wife, the rules, regulations, customs and red tape of another country make marriage seem nearly impossible.

Double proxy marriage fills a need for couples who are ready to make a commitment, yet find it difficult in another country.

Some of our customers are active duty U.S. soldiers who have fallen in love overseas.  It may be close to time to return to the states yet they will be leaving their loved one behind.

Double proxy marriage fills a need for couples about to be separated due to geographical residences.

As we mentioned previously, double proxy marriage may not fulfill the wishes of a dream wedding, but it can accommodate some very real and pressing needs.

We are able to help you address the paperwork and business side of your marriage, while you are able to enjoy the benefits and time of being able to plan the wedding of your dreams.

If you are interested in learning more about double proxy marriage, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Same-Sex Marriage Ban Lifted in Montana

Today, history has been made in the State of Montana and the same-sex marriage ban has been lifted!  We have verified that Flathead County will issue Double Proxy Marriage Licenses to same-sex couples!  As we have not encountered this possibility before, we are unaware of the issues that may arise in terms of the military's recognition of the marriage, however, we are willing to help in whatever way we can!

Are you a same-sex military couple who would like to fulfill your dreams of being married?  Double Proxy Marriage is now an option for you!


Read more here:

Judge Overturns Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Is Double Proxy Marriage For You?

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it would probably be the fact that life is unpredictable.  Add to the mix a commitment to proudly serve your country and suddenly situations which may seem impossible become a reality.


  • Soon after being deployed, a soldier learns he is going to be a father, yet his baby and the mother of his baby cannot obtain housing unless he can prove they are married.  He is deployed and will not be back in time to help make arrangements for his family to be together.  


  • An engaged couple, serving in the military, discover they are going to be sent in different directions.  If they were able to present themselves as a married couple, they could be assigned to the same area, but there isn’t enough time to plan a wedding and invite friends and relatives.


  • While stationed in another country, a member of the military has fallen in love with a citizen of that country.  The expense and time it would take to organize and complete all the requirements for a foreign wedding is not practical or perhaps not even feasible.


These are EXACTLY the types of situations in which Double Proxy Marriage is helpful.  If you are a member of the military OR a resident of the State of Montana, and you and your intended are unable to be together UNTIL you can prove you are married, our services could be just what you need. The term “proxy,” according to the dictionary, means “authority or power to act for another.”  Since you and your partner are unable to be in the same place at the same time in order to either meet a deadline or simply fulfill your desire to be married, A Big Sky Event will provide a bride and a groom to sign the marriage license on your behalf. While there are a few states that allow single proxy marriage (meaning one of the parties must be present), the state of Montana is currently the only state which allows double proxy marriage, where neither party’s presence is required.

Perhaps you are thinking, “But this is not the wedding I’ve dreamed of!”

Double proxy marriage makes your union legal and allows for marital status change and name change.  However, nothing can take away from the love you have for your partner; we may help you secure the date, but everything else is up to you!  Along with the status of “married,” couples are given the gift of time; time to prepare a beautiful ceremony to celebrate their marriage with family and friends when their loved one returns or when they are reunited. It is our pleasure to be able to provide the double proxy service in the beautiful state of Montana; we look forward to being able to help each and every one of our customers.  If you think double proxy marriage might be the service you’ve been looking for, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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