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5.0/5 from 146 users. ( 117 reviews.)
The process was incredibly smooth and easy!
They were fast in replying to my emails and always thorough in answering my questions and doubts.
I would definitely recommend them!
Thank you so much!!
Big sky events helped us through our journey my husband being a Tunisian citizen and I from Montana we were praying gor a blessing and they helped us to achieve the dream Thank you so much Chris and April we live you
I was referred to this website and have not looked back since. April and Chris were on top of their game the entire process by keeping us informed and ensuring all documents were pristine before submission to ensure me and my spouse were happy with the results. We were contacted almost every day during the process with updates, the process was very quick even in todays pandemic.

Thanks to April and Chris who I thank sincerely, it was possible for me to marry my fiancé while stationed out of country. Please if you are looking for a legit site that is affordable, make your way to aBigSkyEvent. You can also call and speak to them for any questions you may have, they bring a very comfortable environment and experience.
Thank you so much!
This was the easiest and most painless process I could have hoped for. Not only was I kept in the loop the whole time and notified every day or every other day about what’s next. I have had several friends use this service and I knew it would be a good experience but I didn’t realize how good until doing so myself. Thank you April for the hard work and effort you’ve put into this to make us comfortable thousands of miles away. 5*****
Wow. It is truly difficult to put into words what Chris and April have accomplished for me my now WIFE. In one simple conversation with Chris over the phone he thoroughly answered all of my questions as well as dispelled my scam concerns. He is truly an inspirational individual and simply clear, concise but most importantly, amicable and personable. I immediately handed in all required information that day following our conversation, paid the fee, and fast forward a short week later and I am now happily married. Did I mention that both my wife and I are military and stationed in opposite ends of the United States? Did I mention that shes currently deployed over seas? Did I mention that one of us was Covid positive and losing hope in the ability get married at all given all of the circumstances?? Did i mention that we tried for months but could not accomplish it?? Did it affect the process? Absolutely not. We could not be more thankful for you Chris and April. I recommend their services to anyone who is looking for the below factors in the hopes of becoming happily married:

- Low Cost
- Effective Communication (throughout THE ENTIRE PROCESS)
- Rapid turn around marriage
- Inability to wed in person

I cannot thank you both enough. Thank you again
  · 2 years ago.
I definitely recommend this company. My husband and I got married quickly. It was such a simple process and everyone was so helpful. Hands down the best company for proxy marriages!
  · 2 years ago.
FAST AND EFFICIENT! We were surprised at the speed and they always kept us up to date! I would DEFINITELY recommend it!

- Friendly
- Quick
- Informative
- Experienced
My daughter and new son-in-law recently used this service. In the middle of trying to plan a transcontinental wedding during a global pandemic, we were surprised with an expedited deployment. With no time and severely limiting travel restrictions in place, all our options for a wedding before deployment dissolved before our eyes. April & Chris were able to quickly provide an amazing service to our family. Although this was not how we envisioned the beginning of this marriage, we are most thankful that the option exists. April communicated throughout the whole process and Chris was readily available by phone, patiently answering all of our questions. They were married in about a week. April and Chris are both awesome, and did everything they said they would do exactly as and when promised. We definitely would recommend this service.

Thank you again April & Chris!!
Awesome sauce!
  · 2 years ago.
April & Chris are absolutely amazing! My husband and I are both deployed and went through “A Big Sky Event” and the process was so quick and easy. April communicated with my husband and I throughout the whole process and answered all of our questions. I was married in less than a week from the first time I reached out!! They are awesome. I definitely recommend. Beyond grateful to them .
Great Service
  · 2 years ago.
They did such a great and amazing job answering all of our questions. They were really quick with getting back to us and handling everything. Thanks so much!
Thank you!
  · 2 years ago.
Thank you so much for your diligence and hard work in making this happen for us. We could definitely see your expertise and care throughout the whole process, which you made very easy for us. Your business is incredibly professional and efficient, and we are forever grateful!
This process has been so amazing. Even during a pandemic this company worked quickly and efficiently. I'm so thankful to this company because my fiancée and I were going to get married before his deployment but because of the pandemic things changed. My fiancée was on a lockdown and our hopes to get married was not available. They quickly left for deployment and it brought me anxiety that we couldn't get married. I'm thankful I found this company that opened the way for us to get married. He's on deployment and I'm in California and yet within a couple of days after filling out the paperwork's we were married. I definitely recommend this place. It may seem scary because it's new but believe me this company works for you and has your best interest at hand. I'm married now. Thank you!!!!
Our experience with Proxy Marriage / A Big Sky Event has been absolutely exceptional. Due to both COVID 19 outbreak and the heavily enforced travel restrictions, we (a U.S soldier and German national) unfortunately, at the time, were unable to experience a conventional wedding ceremony.

Discovering and conducting prior research, we decided to contact Proxy Marriage / A Big Sky Event. During initial contact, we were warmly welcomed by Marty Stuehler. Mr Stuehler truly and genuinely listened to our situation, introduced us to the staff and kindly informed us of the entire process.

Surprisingly, within minutes, we received a cordial and friendly welcome from April Coen. Throughout the entire process, April displayed professionalism, commitment and a natural willingness to help. Truly, April successfully honored her priority to keep us informed every step of the way.

We’re extremely blessed and thankful! Absolutely no regrets!
Great service
  · 3 years ago.
Great experience my husband and i are so happy that everyone helped us out through every step.
The idea of a double proxy marriage was so foreign to me and ironically I work in the bridal industry! Because of that I had a lot of questions and concerns about it, and April and her team at A Big Sky Event has been so incredibly helpful and patient from start to finish! I am one that likes to know every detail and asked a lot of questions. April was very quick and responsive to each and every question. She made sure we felt comfortable with our decision and that the paperwork was all in line. They were very professional and timely to get us married. Now double proxy marriage is the only talk about in my military group I'm in since everyone wants to be with their significant other during these times. Since I was one of the first to do it early on people are always asking me for advice about it and I automatically send them the link for A Big Sky Event. The thing I love about this double proxy marriage is since we were not physically with each other for a "traditional ceremony" it doesn't seem real (even though it is 100%!!). But it will be nice when we plan a big wedding for our friends and family in a few years everything will feel authentic. Anyways! I'm so grateful I chose this do this and especially thankful for April and everyone at A Big Sky Event for their help!
Amazing Service
  · 3 years ago.
Ms. April Coen was so amazing and helpful. At first my now husband and I were a little skeptical of this process but being stationed apart from each other we really didn’t have any other choice. Finally after days of searching for the right company we found “A Big Sky Event”. I immediately felt at ease, the process is super quick and simple, a week after turning in our documents we were married! Thank you so much April
Fantastic Service
  · 3 years ago.
My wife and I were skeptical about proxy marriage services, but Big Sky was easy and quick! April answered all our questions quickly and completely. The incredibly quick responses we received really put us at ease and really helped us out as we had many exceptional circumstances. We're very happy we used Big Sky to get married.
Best service ever
  · 3 years ago.
First of all, April and Chris have been amazing throughout this entire process! They were available for any questions that we had.
We were married within 4 working days after submitting our papers to April! It was so quick and we are so grateful because it’s been a headache for us trying to get married in Europe!

Thank you so so so much, we will recommend this service to other military members for sure!
  · 3 years ago.
Literally have only been married for 2 days now I cannot think April and the entire proxy team enough!! Super easy and fast! Very friendly service. So happy to be married!! Thank you guys sooooo much!
This service is too good to be true. Here I am overseas breaking my back getting documents upon documents in order to meet the love of my life when i then call April and Chris and bam...married just 3 to 4 days later. When I say they are on top of this with you I mean it. I saved 100% on stress having them take care of my wedding.
Fast & Reliable
  · 3 years ago.
It has been a pleasure with A Big Sky Event. Thanks for answering all of our questions & making me and my husband’s marriage happen. More powers to you!
  · 3 years ago.
They made the process simple on us and kept us in the loop every step of the way. Everything was done much quicker than I expected, which made everything even better! We were able to get married on the specific date we wanted even though we sent in our papers pretty close to the date. This a great option for military couples looking to get married with distance being an issue.
Process is simple, fast and these guys are professionals. It really is a blessing to a have a system like this for people in the military.
This process made my husbands and I’s lives so much easier and better! I’m active duty stationed in Germany and my husband is active duty Australian Army so trying to get married any other way wasn’t going to be easy. We can breathe easy now that the hard part of getting him over here is done! Thank you so much April for your business! It truly was a wonderful experience to have this done so easily and quickly! We really are grateful and appreciative what you do for people like us!!
the best
  · 3 years ago.
i want to give them the praise they deserve because they are very responsive and very helpful they work with you with any question you may have they email back in good time they are just the best ever. and if i hear of anyone else looking for a way to get married for active military couples this will be the web site i give them 100%
  · 3 years ago.
I'm currently in the military, and me and my husband were trying to find the best and easiest way to get married without spending a lot of money since I'm currently stationed overseas. My friend recommended this to me, and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from April. She would answer all of my questions, respond in a timely manner, and kept us updated on everything that was going on with our package. I'm really glad I went through with this.
5/5 stars !
  · 4 years ago.
I would most definitely recommend this business to anyone who was looking into marriage by proxy. They supplied me with everything I needed, everything was very easy to complete. April is amazing, she answered all my questions and was very quick at response. I am a very satisfied customer!
I cannot imagine a more stress free experience. Literally from the moment I requested the info online to when our certified copier was emailed and mailed, it was perfect. The communication was completely timely, nearly immediate really and very clear. I didn’t have a single question, but had I, I knew April would have contacted me back very quickly. All the instructions were very clear and simple. April was amazingly professional, kind and seemed like more of a friend than a stranger I was only communicating with via email. Sometimes it’s people like her who make all the difference. Every time was done EXACTLY as the instructions indicate. We could not possibly be happier. We are forever thankful. Thank you to everyone who played a part in this, and a special thanks to April.
  · 4 years ago.
April did an amazing job being quick and helping me out especially being stationed overseas. I had my doubts at first because it seemed to good to be true but they were quick and fast and helped me get my marriage license. I called Chris about 100 times asking so many questions and he didn’t hesitate to asked all my questions. These people are amazing and I highly recommend them if you wanna do a proxy wedding. Y’all rock thanks guys!!
We are so thankful and grateful to April, she made the whole process so smooth and so easy and so FAST! We are very impressed and so happy very happy with everything. Thank you so much for everything.
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